Organisms of Failure  


Elliot Buchanan

Organisms of Failure? is an immersive experience exploring how ecological sound art can act as a rhetoric for climate action. It features video projection, sound installations and light installations that encourage audience interaction. The work aims to provoke thought about the inextricable nature of our relationship with the environment and the impact we have on our surroundings, with the hope that pro-environmental behaviour can be encouraged as a result.


Ambient soundscapes and field recordings of forests, rivers and oceans emanate from an industrial structure in the dark space, filling the surroundings with sound and light.


Ficus Elasticas, Areca palms and Dracaenas rise from the concrete floor inviting the audience to create ethereal sounds.


Disembodied bees fly sporadically around the audience’s heads creating mid-air haptic sensation.

















The electronic drones of the urban environment are amplified, resonating around the bodies in the space as the city awakes.


Water drips onto an artificial riverbed. Listening under the surface reveals a subaquatic sound world.